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Squid Game
2021, Action, Drama, Adventure, Mystery, Thriller Squid Game
Midnight Mass
2021, Action, Drama, Horror, Mystery Midnight Mass
Sex Education
2019, Comedy, Drama Sex Education
Ted Lasso
2020, Comedy, Sport, Drama Ted Lasso
2021, Drama, Sci-Fi Foundation
What If...?
2021, Animation, Action, Adventure What If...?
The Walking Dead
2010, Drama, Horror, Thriller The Walking Dead
The Sopranos
1999, Drama, Crime The Sopranos
American Horror Story
2011, Drama, Horror, Thriller American Horror Story
Only Murders in the Building
2021, Comedy, Drama, Crime, Mystery Only Murders in the Building
The Sandman
2021, Action, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Adventure The Sandman
2016, Drama, Fantasy, Crime Lucifer
Stranger Things
2016, Drama, Fantasy, Horror Stranger Things
Grey's Anatomy
2005, Romance, Drama Grey's Anatomy
The Morning Show
2019, Comedy, Drama The Morning Show
Game of Thrones
2011, Action, Drama, Adventure Game of Thrones
2016, Drama Goliath
Money Heist
2017, Action, Drama, Crime, Mystery Money Heist
2021, Drama, Crime, Mystery, Thriller Vigil
Star Wars: Visions
2021, Animation, Action, Adventure Star Wars: Visions
Y: The Last Man
2021, Action, Drama, Fantasy, Adventure Y: The Last Man
Doom Patrol
2019, Comedy, Action, Adventure Doom Patrol
Alice in Borderland
2020, Action, Fantasy, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller Alice in Borderland
2016, Drama Billions
2003, Action, Drama, Crime NCIS
The Rookie
2018, Comedy, Drama, Crime The Rookie
2018, Action, Crime, Adventure Titans
American Crime Story
2016, Drama, Biography, Crime American Crime Story
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
1999, Drama, Crime, Mystery Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
2019, Action, Drama, Sci-Fi See
Peaky Blinders
2014, Drama, Crime Peaky Blinders
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
2013, Comedy, Crime Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Cowboy Bebop
2021, Action, Crime, Adventure Cowboy Bebop
The Office
2005, Comedy The Office
Breaking Bad
2008, Drama, Crime, Thriller Breaking Bad
2018, Drama Succession
Chicago Fire
2012, Action, Drama Chicago Fire
The Haunting of Hill House
2018, Drama, Horror, Mystery The Haunting of Hill House

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